poetry from whales
the whale sanctuary project

experiences can evoke empathy. the temporary isolation we're going through as humans can help us understand the situation of animals in permanent captivity. we wanted to hone in on this aspect and give whales a voice, and what better way to describe complicated emotions than with poetry?

giving a voice to animals in captivity when humans experience something similar in isolation

#00 visual element
developed the main visual element using the negative space of whales,
highlighting the unawareness of whales loneliness in captivity. 

#01 magazine
a poetry magazine launched to give whales in captivity a voice and
personality, one whale and one voice featured in each magazine.

#02 pins
pins highlighting the negative space symbolizing the loneliness  
of orcas in captivity, worn as an emblem of empathy

#03 social

#04 microsite
a site where visitors can purchase merch, the magazine, read more about the initiative
and express their poetry through interpretating whale song. This could give them a 
chance to be featured on the website and billboards. 

art director: felix lundqvist
copywriter: karolina lang
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