share your feels

music makes us feel something we can’t put in to words. we were tasked with visualizing what a feeling might look like. with a complex product we wanted to make something so technical feel authentic and human.

feels is an app founded by interscope executives, funded by alphabet. It uses AI to match what you’re typing with music;
it grabs a snippet of a song that represents what you just wrote. 


music is the language that everyone speaks. 

logo design
product feature design

#01 logo
the logo was designed based on the message icon, that you share your feels by sending
them to others. There’s also an element of anticipation incorporated with the
three distinguished dots being part of the composition. Every line for this logo
was created on a grid and combined geometric circles and straight lines.

#02 colors, gradients & frames
colors, gradients and frames were selected to express emotion and nostalgia.
we wanted to visualize what emotion could look like through colors, grainy fragmenting gradients
and frames that would contain the content. 

#03 branding

#04 product

creative director: viktor torbjornsen, adam vohlidka
art director: felix lundqvist, lexi lanzi
copywriter: fredrik svensson von schreeb, scott padden

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